Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Family Time

Time with Kris

The boys at the SF Giants game

The Yee Family Summer 2011      
Family time is so very important in a child's life. Expressing your love and concern even if it is a few moments here and seconds there. I have found that they best time to share in the lives of the ones you love is to spend quality time with them. Quantity of time is nice but let's face it, almost impossible especially as your child/children grow up.

Grab tickets to your favorite sports team, arrange for a date to an afternoon movie, go shopping for a new pair of Vans or just ask to treat your child/husband to a lunch date. Opportunity for together and connection will only happen when you share a common activity or experience together.

Life is short and time spent with those you love is even shorter. Those days of baby lotion, diapers and giggles in bed together before night time stories pass too quickly with your children. Before you notice, they are almost through college and they will be gone from your home except for an occasional visit.  Cherish your family, do it today.